Barragers Cleaners & Fire Restoration

Our Objective is to make the claim a Non-event

Why Choose US?

We work closely with the insurance company and the insured to make claims processing more cost effective and time efficient by:

  • processing rush orders
  • working with the insured to identity garments that outdated or those that are cheaper to replace than to clean
  • ensuring that there are NO SUPRISES by submitting an itemized quote for approval prior to cleaning
  • itemizing and documenting the Total Loss for your verification
  • on site inventory when required
  • we take Digital Photos of damaged clothes
  • We restore shoes, sports equipment and stuffed animals.
  • Extensive Experience
    • Barragers Cleaners has been providing fire and flood restoration services to the Greater Toronto Area for the past 10 years. As a result, we understand and anticipate the needs of both insured and the Insurance Company and strive towards a smooth and above expectations job completion.
  • Measured Results
    • Our salvage ration is over 95%. You only pay for the clothes that are restored.
  • Excellent Facilities
    • Modern full service plant.
    • On-site Ozone Room.
    • Storage available for short periods.
    • Full computerized for accuracy
    • certified by the Ministry of Environment
  • Delicate and exotic fabric expertise (including fine silks and Indian fabrics)
  • 300 Kms Wide Area coverage from Georgetown

The Barragers Difference

  1. Response to initial call within an hour
  2. Pick-up is within 12 hours of call: we determine the scope of the project. Pack out all items that needs cleaning and determine the emergency clothing needs as specified by the insured.
  3. Submit with 3 working days:
    • A computerized estimate of cleaning cost. This estimate is generally on the high side; therefore eliminating surprises.
    • An inventory of cleaning items along with a list of total loss items. This detailed spreadsheet can be imported in your saving hours of data entry.
    • We get your approval and then proceed to process the claim
  4. You pay only for all articles that are restored.
  5. Emergency Dry-Cleaning is returned to the insured as soon as possible.
  6. We get a written Work Authorization and upon completion a Certificate of Completion from the insured. These two are forwarded to you.
  7. Barragers Cleaners use advance equipment, special techniques and advanced processes to restore clothing and other textiles.
  8. We will re-hang the drapery and blinds. This done when we return the clothes to the insured.
  9. Restoring items, instead of replacing can save you thousands of dollars on a single claim and millions over period of time.
  10. Working the insured to identify garments that are outdated or those that are cheaper to replace than clean.